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I am a pen & ink Artist that works from photographs to create illustrations of homes and buildings. My commissioned work is completely hand drawn. Each individual line is crafted in a manor to represent form and texture. Light and shadow is also a series of lines. This unique way of sketching brings life to the structure and the landscape around it. Each detail is added as an important element of the overall composition. This is real drawing, not clip art. These sketches can then be matted & framed or printed into Note cards for correspondence with family or business associates.

About Me:

My degree is in Interior Design but never liked decorating. I preferred architecture. I learned the 'art' of pen & ink drawing in college. This helped me find work in Architectural offices for many years. I have worked selling blinds and window treatments, a waitress and spent 2 years with American Airlines, as an NYC based flight attendant. I moved to from Connecticut in 1990 and met my husband in Raleigh, working for a civil engineer. We married and had children. I worked for 7 years doing free-lance illustration for the Parade of Homes. My business grew out of my need a creative outlet and the ability to still be the "Mom". I am Mother of 2 beautiful girls 13 & 9. My studio is at my home. My Husband is currently a ColdFusion programmer (so glad for that, I have 24 hour tech. support!) I love to spend time with her Parents and Sister, who live in Cary. PTA and elementary school related activities once dominated my volunteer time but now it is on an as-needed basis. Occasionally I actually do sit down, to work a crossword puzzle or read. I am an beginning walker/runner, with several 5K completed. I have 2 kids, 2 dog rescues, 2 cat rescues & 2 gerbils! (I like the balance of having pairs.)

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Pam Andes from United Pest Management

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  • Brenda - take a look at our Inside919 Tribute video when you get a chance

  • Hey Brenda, want to take a minute and personally Thank you! for being Inside919, I wish you and yours Happy Holidays, a Very Merry Christmas and the Most Successful 2013 possible.

    I promise to increase my efforts around here to increase your visibility, reputation and business connections. Let me know whenever I can be of help.

  • Hey Brenda, wanted to publicly share how great it was to be able to work with you.

    There are soo many lessons the traditional small business people can learn from a "Business" Artist - love how you operated your business.:)

  • Happy Birthday Brenda!

  • Happy Birthday Brenda, hope you're able to do something you enjoy today and that the family is well.

  • Hi Brenda, my mother received the beautiful drawing you did of her home, and she absolutely loved it. My mother and stepfather built that house themselves, and now that my stepfather has passed she'll be selling the home soon, having that drawing of the home will be a cherished possession.
    Thank you so much!!

  • Hey Brenda, Now that the all the celebrating is behind us, how's your month looking for a one on one? Bob

  • Hi Brenda! I am very excited you will be drawing my mother's home so I can give it to her as a gift. She will LOVE it.

  • Hey Brenda, wanted to Personally invite you to not only "Like" the ComeOnInside Facebook Page but also post a link to "YOUR" Facebook Business Page or Website/Blog - I hope to continue to bring more visibility to Insiders by extending our reach.

    Linkedin Group and a National Directory are coming soon. :)

    Hope it helps

  • Hello Brenda, thanks for connecting and the kind words regarding my participation in the seminar at the BNC center. It was very nice to meet you and I'm thrilled we share a friend in Kim Bolick. She is a wonderful person. Do you draw for Parade of Homes? Your work is beautiful.
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