Why buy local for the Holidays?

I want to start a discussion on: Why buy local for Christmas? It does not exclude buying on-line or in big box stores, just taking some of your money to local businesses. I will use the best in a article to share with merchants and give full credit for all that I use. 

Why should people buy local? 

What does buying local mean?

What are resources for finding local merchants?

How does it help our economy to buy local?

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Happy Thanksgiving! 
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  • For many years, I've watched the "outsourcing" of jobs and the development of online commerce... and it's hard to argue with paying a programmer in India $5-15/hr vs a local one $75/hr.  It's hard to argue with with having a graphic logo created by someone in the Philippines for $5.  But the downside of this trend is that all those dollars are leaving your local community and being spent elsewhere.  I make every effort to spend dollars LOCALLY on US soil because every dollar spent HERE is also RE-Spent HERE - at the local supermarket, at the corner drugstore, at the local print shop, at BNC... and it can flow through our local economy exchanging hands MANY TIMES (the multiplier effect).   So, a dollar spend locally has a multiplied impact on our communities.  It creates CASH FLOW Locally.   From that point of view, as entrepreneurs, it's our responsibility to both create jobs locally and spend money locally whenever possible.  Don't get me wrong, it's not a black and white issue.  But where possible, please do spend money locally.
  • Martin when I shop local, I invest in my community, in my neighbors, and in myself. In this today’s economic environment, I believe the best ROI is in local business.

    For every dollar I spend, twice as much will be reinvested in my community by a local store over a national store. These local stores purchase from other local business, service providers and area farms.

    In the job market, most new jobs are created by local businesses and on average they are the largest employers.

    These businesses are part of our community’s distinctive character. These business owners invest in my community, live in my community and have more invested in my community’s future.

    I’ll finish up with better customer service, increased competition, diversity, minimal environmental impact and entrepreneurial encouragement.

    Buy Local needs to be a viral message and can be a economic movement.

    Thanks Martin – Just my 2cents worth.

    Dave Park
  • Buying Local is Important!

    It’s about making your hard-earned money go further, fueling the local economy, and helping to preserve the unique character of where you live.

    You might wonder if “buy local” organizations like Shop Local Raleigh can really make a difference. It’s been proven they can! A recent national survey of independent retailers found that a strong local alliance boosted holiday sales in 2007 – reporting an average increase of 2% over the 2006 holiday season, while those in cities without “buy local” campaigns saw an increase of less than 0.5%.

    Consider that for every $100 spent at a locally-owned business, $68 stays in the local economy and if each household simply redirected just $100 of planned holiday spending from chain stores to locally owned merchants, the local economic impact would reach approximately $10 million. Not to mention supporting your neighbors that own the local businesses is good for the economy because it cuts down on shipping goods and fuel consumption, as well as preserves our communities and unique neighborhoods.

    As local economist Dr. Michael Walden puts it, “buying local can be a ‘win-win’ for the retailer and for the economy at large.” Local retailers and distributors also carry a higher percentage of locally-made goods than the chains, creating more jobs for local producers.

    You don't have to do "all your shopping local" to have a HUGE impact on our local economy - just $100 of planned holiday spending will creat jobs and make the area you live in stronger.
  • Thanks and make sure to post what you have to offer as a gift idea here:

    Who else?

    Why should people buy local for the Holidays?

    What does buying local mean?

    What are resources for finding local merchants?

  • Mark can you also take a moment to explain specifically how this relates to buying local? Look forward to your reply.

  • People should buy local to help support the local businesses that they like to frequent. We are seeing so many shops and restaurants closing down because they just can't make it in this economy. How disappointing is it to go to the mall only to find your favorite store gone!

    Online shopping does make shopping easy; however, consumers should consider calling a store directly and ordering over the phone instead (usually for the same deal). This will help even the bigger name stores stay in business here in Raleigh. If you have found a certain something on-line, do an Internet search to see if the product is available locally. You would be surprised how many items are made and sold right here in North Carolina. Google and Yahoo of course are good resources, but not all small business are listed or come up on the first page of search, so I would encourage consumers to ask their friends (tweet it, Facebook it or e-mail). I had a neighbor looking for a good dentist the other day. She received so many responses simply by sending an e-mail to a group of friends.

    Buying local means to keep as many dollars right here in North Carolina as possible. Independent shops do keep more dollars locally; however, big name stores are equally important to our community (ordering on-line from a chain that is present in NC does not count as shopping locally if it doesn’t directly affect the sales at the local chain). Bottom line: consumers should try to shop at a variety of stores and buy local when they can.
    • Thanks for clairifying.
    • Thanks Terri for your wonderful answer.

    • Karl, would you explain a little more how this relates to buying local. I am sure it does but the question was "Why buy Local?" and I think it will help others understand your business.
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