Why buy local for the Holidays?

I want to start a discussion on: Why buy local for Christmas? It does not exclude buying on-line or in big box stores, just taking some of your money to local businesses. I will use the best in a article to share with merchants and give full credit for all that I use. 

Why should people buy local? 

What does buying local mean?

What are resources for finding local merchants?

How does it help our economy to buy local?

I also posted it as a questions on Linkedin and you may enjoy seeing the responses there too: http://www.linkedin.com/answers/marketing-sales/advertising-promotion/viral-marketing/MAR_ADP_VMM/756219-548650

You may email me your answer directly if you can post in the inside919.com group: martin@coachingsupport.com 

Also see the discussion to list if you have a product for someone to give as a gift:

Happy Thanksgiving! 
Martin Brossman

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