What busienss should know about it, which ones should use it? How it can help or hurt a small business? Any comments, just I am seeing more questions about it and class and I just don't know as much as I would like about it.



Martin Brossman


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  • Thanks so much for all the replies!
  • I appreciate everyone's comments. I have never used Angie's List or any of these types of services. Since companies can apparently be listed for free at Angie's List, does anyone know of a down side to signing up to be included? Is there any way to know how many members are in NC or in the 919 area code? Also, I have been approached by Thumbtack.com. Is anyone familiar with this service?
    • Hello Rick. The only way I know to be listed on Angies List is when one of it's members writes a review of work you have performed for them. The only possible downside to being on Angies List that I can think of would be if one of it's members were to write a bad review. Having worked with you many times in the past and knowing your work and work ethics this would not be a problem for you.
      • James, thanks for your comments. Same to you. Also, congratulations on the Super Service Award. You might want to post that news on the InSide919 Announcement Forum.
  • We are on Angies List. It has been good to be on it as an electrical contractor. It has been helpful in giving customers confidence when using us. I have advertised in the past in their magazine that is sent out monthly, but have chosen not to now because advertising in the magazine for us has not had the R.O.I that we had expected. There are other paid advertisement options with Angies List that we have not tried yet. We still get work from Angies List customers without utilizing it's paid advertisements. I'm not sure how well Angies List works for other businesses but it has kept us busy over the years. I first found out about Angies List when an advertising representative called me and told me that we had 28 reviews so far that year and we had won a Super Service Award given to only a few businesses with high ratings from it's members. We have been quite happy with our experiences with it's members and we have been proud to post our latest Super Service Award for the year 2009. I hope this is helpful.
  • Martin,

    The way I understand Angie's List is that you are invited to be a resource because one of their members has referred you. A business cannot not just opt in. I had a client refer me and I am now one of their resources.

    As for Service Magic, they will send you leads for a fee and create a profile for you on their site. The profile allows you to follow up on leads, archive leads, rate leads, change your lead request, promote sales, expand your network area, and send appointment reminders to clients. Some business really like this service and others are turned off by it.

    Lately, the leads sent to me have been minimal so I'm not sure what is happening with their presense on the seach engines.
    • Deb,

      I'm new to this information on Angie's List. When I go to their website under the Section "How Does My Company Get on Angie's List," here is their response:

      You may register your company for free on Angie's List Company. Connect by clicking here, but only Angie's List members can give your company grades. Grades from members control your company's placement on the List.

      So, I'm not sure what you mean by needing to be referred and being a resource.
  • Chris, I agree that most consumers probably won't find it a big deal. I just personally have a problem with any firm that pushes that their service isn't influenced by paying businesses and then puts paid advertisers at the top of the list that may have less of a rating than others. (and not tell members they are paid and will not rotate like all the others)
    But, That is just me, I am a bit anal about certain business practices and this is one of them.
    I really like the principle and have just obtained a listing myself, it's just a shame they can't support their operation on member fees alone so there is absolutely no financial influence at all on placement.

    Here is Angies List official notice that I copied from the vendors ratings page (link). Notice that you find nothing at all about those at the top of the list (that don't rotate) being paid advertisers.
    How are companies displayed?
    Companies are placed in groups according to their recent grade and number of reports. Those companies then rotate randomly within their groups so that the same service provider doesn't appear first on the list each time. Therefore, just because a company is displayed at the top of the list, does not mean it is the best. Please remember that company ratings have always been and will only be determined by member feedback.

    Again, I think the rating is great and their checks and balance on reviews are much sounder than google reviews where anyone can post anything and no one verifies the validity of it. Maybe one day they will go 100% member fee supported but until then, it's the next best thing.
  • Martin,

    I just got off the phone with an Angies List rep and was surprised to find out that on top of charging members $6.00 per month they also offer advertising to businesses for placement position as Chris indicated; if they have an A or a B rating. The problem I have is that a B rating paid advertiser will have a better placement than an A rated free listing which is some cases can be 12-14 places ahead of them. Members are not told this, they are only told that they do not charge businesses to be listed and preferred vender's are listed by best rating first.

    It seems to me they are trying to play both sides of the fence.
    • I have been a member of Angie's list for years in my previous market (Twin Cities). It is true a consumer member has to refer you to be on the contractor list. The rating system they use is frustrating, as there is no rebuttal process. I maintained an A rating for years, and was awarded Super Service awards. I looked at a job for an Angie's List commercial customer, and after determining,then letting the client know that I did not want to bid this job (50 foot scaffolding set up in a realtor's office during working hours), I received an F rating across the board from her. Hmmm, I never worked for her, & was up front on my declining her project. This sent my rating to a B, and never got another call from AL. There was no rebuttal, and that was that.

      If they become more prominent in this market, I will beware of not giving even the prospects a reason to rate me badly.
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