What do you want to know about inside919?


What have you found to be the most useful on inside919?

Also here is a few tips for new members:


Video on How to Use and Leverage Inside919 




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  • I have found the knowledge, freely shared and discussed, here to be the most useful aspect of inside919. I value the friendships I've made here as well. I've learned how to network, talk with strangers, get involved in discussions, write blog posts, post events - just all sorts of useful, fun, and profitable things here.

    What a great place to be!
    • That is it... people are looking for the next client that is important but often a good business to work together with is worth more in the long run.
  • Martin;

    Your recent class was very helpful. I dont think there's a more talented, knowledgeable duo than you and Pat in this whole social media "space".

    Besides learning how to update my profile, the suggestion about using the search feature to find well matched potential referral partners is likely to be productive for me.

  • Hi Martin, what I have found to be the most useful are the offline get togethers. I love actual social events and talking to people face to face.
    Having said that, the second most useful thing has been the training that I have received from you and Pat Howlett in referece to online networking.
    • You got it. The key is the one-on-one combined with the on-line.
  • I just hope you keep doing what you are doing. To everyone out there I have but one thing to say. Martin Brossman's "free" class and Pat Howlett's "free" video are the best things since PrePaid Legal.
  • Thanks for all the comment and questions and other questions are welcome.
  • Martin,

    In what different ways has Inside919 'worked' for different people? What I think would be helpful is (perhaps in a forum type presentation or gathering) members sharing success scenarios by having used the Inside919 venue and unique on-and-off-the-web opportunities. Kind of a live 'demo-after-the-fact" of what works and how it did work.

    I know Inside919 greatest sharing of value is 'just that': promoting members to share and contribute value, and to truly help others in this local business interactive space. It is also a real "Learning Organization" if you want it to be. The real-life answers from the above question will I am sure illustrate the practice of this principle: help others and you gain more, rather than trying to make them buy your services or products.
  • Being a new member to Inside919 this year, what I have found to be most valuable of all... Is the creation of it! Without this platform, It would be much harder to connect and meet people within the community who care about sharing and helping each others small businesses grow. I'm thankful for the relationships and friendships I have already established, and I look forward to continually meeting and connecting with other members.

    What has also been most helpful to me on Inside919 is... the class both you and Pat provided on how to better use and leverage Inside919 - The video post on this subject is a fabulous bonus. Not only is the video packed with such valuable information, it allows us the opportunity to recap on what we may have missed in class any time we want. No matter how many times you review it, you will learn something new every time.
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