Sandy caused so much destruction & so many have lost everything. We are keeping them all in our thoughts and prayers always.

Many have headed to the coast and up north to help the hurricane victims and family, but our members are still going strong with their classes. We hope you can join them.

November 5 - Triangle BNI Interest Meeting
November 5 - Center for Excellence Weekly Meeting, Members Welcome
November 5 - "30 Day Gratitude Challenge" w/Lois LeSavoy
November 5 - Organizing for the Holidays w/Julie Seibert
November 6 - High Noon Toastmasters
November 6 - Women's Power Networking Leadership Meeting
November 7 - Empowered Life Wellness w/Michael Hronas
November 8 - Live Fearless life w/James Murphy
November 9 - Happiness Project, Movie Night - "Finding Joe" w/Denise Judd
November 10 - Listen to Your Life-Turning Insight into Action w/Sharon Shelton

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