Hi, everyone!

With my entertainment website directory, www.seniorplaylist.com, now open for populating nationwide, I've been feverishly working to get the word out to entertainers and would-be providers of activities for seniors all across the country that a paying market for their skills exists in their local senior facilities. With any luck, the press release I just submitted to Vocus will land an audience somewhere and help spread the news. Here's the link to the press release to learn more:


You can help, too, by alerting anyone you know who is an entertainer, arts & crafts workshop leader, has an interesting skill they could demonstrate (think 'HGTV', only live), is a speaker, comedian, exercise/yoga instructor, aromatherapist, etc. know that they can supplement their income easily just be providing a 1-hour-long program of entertainment or an activity with seniors in their local facilities. Many in our communities are struggling to make ends meet and are completely unaware that they could be earning an easy income for a nominal investment of time just by tapping into what they already know and using skills they already possess. It's also a venue they can work into any schedule, since they can conduct their programs at such facilities in the morning, afternoon or evenings any day of the week. You could help them significantly by alerting them to this paying market for their talents. Any assistance Inside919 members can provide in getting the word out would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your referrals and assistance as I work to boost local economies while enriching the lives of seniors nationwide through Seniorplaylist.com.

Karen Raines
"Local Entertainment Variety For Seniors"

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