Looking for someone with lots of experience dealing with problems on Google / places. Not just can set them up but also handle real problems including:

Categories removed with out any reason.
Unable to move location on map causing lost of business
Unable to get primary picture changed.
Competition attacks.
Understand how to work with the history of changes

Just being able to set it up is NOT enough! Pleas only reply if you have addressed real problem over time.


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  • Glad to be of service.
  • Martin, It looks like we fixed one main issue for Hap. Noted in email you were cc:'d on. Bob
    • Great job Bob, thanks for getting me the info on how you could do it and then resolving the problem. You helped him out a lot. Another example of how inside919 works as well.
  • Hey Martin, I'll be working with the clients Places page to see what we can do for him. I'll keep you posted. ~Bob
  • Hello Martin, you might want to check with Bob Walton. He has helped me in the past and seems to have a lot of knowledge regarding Google Places. 
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