Many of you, who have started their own business, have done so because you want to be your own boss and make a good living. As time goes by, you realize that the most important thing in growing a business is building relationships. After doing business with people for a while you get to know more about them and their families and they know more about you. This builds trust and the more they trust you, the more likely they will refer you to their friends and family. As an business owner, for almost 20 year, I deeply appreciated the relationships we built. We had many of our original clients, in our New York business, right up until the end.

Saying goodbye to many of these people was difficult when we sold that business. I had cleaned for some people when their kids were in grade school and eventually worked for their kids, when they bought their first homes.

I am in the process of building new relationships, down here in North Carolina. I have learned that by building strong relationships, you will build a strong foundation for your business to flourish.

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