Hi fellow insiders!


I need some help deciding which of the email marketing tools fit the bill for my needs. I want to send out newsletters every other month. I would like the tool to be user friendly, have lots of templates, and reasonably priced. I need the emails to be archived so I can post the link to my website. I also would like the tool to include the use of stock photos and I would like live customer support (coaching as they call it).


I have checked out

  • ConstantContact (fits the bill but seems the most expensive)
  • iContact (no live customer support)
  • compaigner(no archiving)
  • mailChimp(not as user friendly)

I would love to hear the experiences you have working with these tools!  Also, it you use a tool I haven't listed, please let me know about it if you think it will fit my needs.


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