Hello all,

I am finally starting to take to the road and launch other networks. I'm in Rhode Island this week launching Inside401.com and when I meet with local business owners and professionals here I have discovered a challenge.

I'm a stranger from a different part of the country, I have no reputation there and so will have challenges building enough trust to get folks to join and help themselves and others.

I'd like to ask for a little help...

Could you write me (or the network) a Recommendation? - something that might help a micro business owner or professional in some other part of the US see that we do offer real value.

I hope to answer the "Why should I join this little local business network - what's in it for me and my community?".

My intention would be to use this on a page on these networks.

In return please also include a link to your Website or Facebook page and I'll include that as well to bring you more visibility.

Thanks in advance for the assist. - Pat

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  • I am a new member of Inside919 and it has already proved to be beneficial. Inside919 has connected me with amazing area entreprenuers, awesome resources, and terrific collaborations! Our team is positioned to do more business with Inside919 members in 2012!
    T.L. Ricks Raleigh RoughRiders
    Proud Member of the CBL - Minor League Basketball
  • The biggest benefit my business has seen is that the Inside 919 community is just that . . . a community. It's easy to believe that you are alone and noone understands what you manage day to day in your business. With the folks in the Inside 919 community, you are never alone and there always someone around to help you get through the rough spots of business ownership and to celebrate your wins with you.
  • I have written two book with contribution and help from people in this community and much more.. just wanted to add something to start.
  • Thanks to everyone who helped. I've posted these comments on the other networks for new members to read - all of your links to your web resources are included :)
  • Hey Parris, I'd love and appreciate it if you shared Inside401 with those you know back in RI. Thanks in advance!
  • A friend recommended I join at the beginning of 2011 and boy, I couldn't have received better business advice from anywhere. As a Search Engine Optimizer I had become enamored with Google Places and what well crafted listings could do for local businesses. When I first reached out to Pat on Inside919, I was met with some skepticism, but that quickly changed to mutual appreciation when we learned of each others' passion for helping local businesses and web marketing development.
    As I delved into inside919 I began to meet very interesting, and like minded, people who were not just about “doing business” but were about building real “community” both on, and off line. Yes, you do run into a “bad egg” now and then, but inside919 has been great about helping folks promote their products & services without intruding in on, or spamming others. Spam offenders, after given fair warning, and helpful policy reminders, who simply don’t, or won’t, “get it” are quickly removed from the network.
    From a Google search perspective, I love the benefits that the inside919 network offers. It’s highly ranked by search engines, extremely active, well indexed, a powerful business tool, and much more… Check out my article, How Can I Use Social Media for SEO benefit?, to see how you can leverage the “inside” network for “link love” to any website.
    Bottom line, I think Pat Howlett is a great guy. What he’s created in the Raleigh, NC area has been wonderfully transforming for many. Personally, I’ve found Pat to be an excellent trainer, encourager, mentor and friend. I highly respect and appreciate him. Get to know him, and you will too.
    Bob Walton SEO for High Ranking
  • Being a member of the Inside network has given me a unique opportunity to meet people in my area. Relationships are started online by reading members' profiles and commenting on their blog posts (articles). Since members are local, it is easy to arrange to meet face to face or to visit their place of business. Meeting in person solidifies the relationship because I already know about them, and their knowledge of their business.
    If I need an opinion or are looking for a recommendation, local Insiders are right on top of giving current recommendations.
    I've been a member of the network for about 3 years - when I participate in the Inside network, I get value every time. Some examples are the classes offered, learning about what others do and the collective intelligence of the group is simply amazing.
    Amy Shair RE/MAX United
  • I would highly recommend joining this local business network. As a coffee shop owner I have had the pleasure of hosting "Coffee Breaks" each week. The Coffee Breaks gave members the opportunity to meet fellow insiders offline and developed meaningful relationships.
    I have used the network to post events I offered at my shop, and I used it to share and receive advice on many issues.
    The inside919 network is valuable because it truly is a way to reach potential "customers" within your local region.
    Most importantly, I have met some really amazing business professionals that have become more than just business acquantances, they have become my friends.
  • Well, over two years later I am still applauding this amazing network of businesses that want to help their community, but often reach out to help each other. I have met some incredible people with businesses that have now been hired by my company. There is a wealth of information on so many subjects and many priceless. Yes, free!
    Pat as you grow your brand across America, let business owners know how much we in Raleigh, NC appreciate the time and value you have built in your wonderful company. I am proud to be an inSider!
    The hCard Fundraising Program
  • I began as a casual user of the Insider network and began to see a number of business people I know joining and contributing to the Forums, providing updates, posting events and participating in numerous other activities. A couple years ago I talked with an owner of a new coffee house and suggested she become involved in our network. She was reluctant to use social media but after speaking with myself and other members began participating. She offered her coffee house as a meeting place and for over a year a number of us meet for coffee on Tuesday mornings to help each other out with business questions, leads and so much more.
    I became a network partner this year and have benefited from the training and close collaboration with other network partners.
    At first this was only a time commitment but its great value led me to pay the monthly fee to be a network partner and use it for advertising as well as supporting this community. I have been involved with others on projects in the community as well. This network is the greatest value anyone could offer to a small business person and it began giving value before I had spent one dollar. Can't beat that!
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