Hello all,

I am finally starting to take to the road and launch other networks. I'm in Rhode Island this week launching Inside401.com and when I meet with local business owners and professionals here I have discovered a challenge.

I'm a stranger from a different part of the country, I have no reputation there and so will have challenges building enough trust to get folks to join and help themselves and others.

I'd like to ask for a little help...

Could you write me (or the network) a Recommendation? - something that might help a micro business owner or professional in some other part of the US see that we do offer real value.

I hope to answer the "Why should I join this little local business network - what's in it for me and my community?".

My intention would be to use this on a page on these networks.

In return please also include a link to your Website or Facebook page and I'll include that as well to bring you more visibility.

Thanks in advance for the assist. - Pat

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