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A couple years ago we had a member pass away and I really didn't know what to do. I of course didn't have any idea who her family was or how to contact them and since she was rather new to the 919 she didn't know many people.


I decided to post to her Profile that she had passed, let members know and if they knew her they could post some kind thoughts her way and then take down her profile after a couple weeks so that others would not think she was not getting back with them. I also did not want to see her birthday come up every year knowing that she was not here.


Now, I was able to personally help with this on this little network because I try to stay engaged - however this is not the case on larger networks and on some the family has to jump through some hoops to get assistance.


We've lost several other members since then and I know the problem of "how to take down my accounts after I pass" is real. In my mind I wanted to create a Digital Mortician (for lack of better term) if for nothing else my own use. 


My objective was to find a solution that I could input all of my logins [at the time I had something like 500 accounts (some clients whom I managed servers for and my own) with different variations of logins] and pass this one database with instructions of what to do upon my demise. I know it's not a great topic to bring up but it was a concern for me.


I could not find anything that I trusted (other solutions required me to post this information on a website and I wanted something I might have more control over).


I really wanted my sweetie to have access to my online accounts without having to put it down on paper or an excel spreadsheet to be updated all the time.


I came up with something I called IDentiKeys because it's a solution that can be loaded to a USB drive (no install required) and hung on your key ring - it's super secure and I love it. (IDentiKeys is very easy to update and manage)


I thought about selling it, but in frankness that's really not what I do best and I didn't want to get off track. I then placed it on Facebook to test amd see how I might use a free tool to get people to "Like" a page (I'm almost always testing something :).


I've then decided that I just wanted to give it away to anyone it might help - consider it a benefit of being an Insider :).


Check out the video below (re-purposed) and if you'd like to give it a try use the download link in the "Attachments" area - above the comments box (just above "Reply to this").



Hope it helps!

This version requires Windows but if you have a Mac or want a different version you should be able to take what I've done and duplicate it. Download page.


IMPORTANT NOTE: You will most likely receive an error when you download about the ".bat" file I included - I'll only say that it's safe and it's was included to allow for a auto start when placed on a usb drive. 

It might also say that you're receiving this from an untrusted source - I ask that you go ahead and trust me on this :) - I'd like to thank Robin Pike for sharing that this is what she found.


Last thing (I promise) I've done this in a way that you can share this with anyone - they do not have to be an Insider in order to download and use this solution - so if you'd like to share it please do.

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