My name's Dave Baldwin, and last October I set out on a mission to lay the foundation for introverts to be successful in business without needing to become the life of the party. I focus on the home-based micro-business owner, particularly people who are in network marketing. My approach is to help each individual create a truly unique personal niche brand that no one else can duplicate by using educational marketing strategies via the Web 2.0 platform. By writing articles, submitting videos, and taking advantage of numerous other emerging media, even the stauchest wallflower can create a strong brand name without leaving the house or seeing the light of day.To build a business that everyone wants to tell their friends about, you'll need to make it stand out. It also needs to be a good fit for your skills, your passion, and the dream that you're committed to. Finally, you'll need to create an action plan that inspires you and has you excited to get out of bed in the morning because it's fun to do. The combination of these elements will give you the motivational fuel you need to persist in your business month after month, including the days when things seem hopeless. You can get started right now by brainstorming the answers to three critical questions: 1. What could you be great at doing, and be known as the best at? 2. What could you enjoy doing enough to continue doing it every day for the next ten years? 3. What do you know how to make money at? 4. What major change would you love to see sweep the planet (i.e. the end of poverty)?If you are in network marketing and would like to explore the possibility of using writing as a means of building your business, try doing the above exercise a few times and see what kinds of insights come to mind. Also, try submitting a blog article of 400-600 words once per day, for a period of two weeks. This will give you an idea of whether this is something that would make sense for you. If you would like to position yourself as a resource provider and become known to the online community as an expert in a given area, and would be willing to create and give away free information on a regular basis, send me an e-mail. I'll be happy to talk to you and give you some ideas about how you could get started on your own without spending any money or making any commitments to anyone.

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